Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

I have become a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy over the past year or so, I remember sitting down for more than eight hours in front of the TV to watch the trilogy. I instantly felt a sense of disappointment because I didn't get to watch them in the cinema, but what could I do, I was too young to understand what was going on. So you guys could imagine how excited I was when I heard that The Hobbit was out in theatres. I could finally have the Lord of the Rings style experience I have been longing for such a long time. I went and watched The Hobbit yesterday, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. It was not better than Fellowship of the Ring, but that is expected. That aside, It still maintains that standard that the Lord of the Rings movie were known for. 

This is the kind of movie that you would want to watch in a cinema rather than at home, unless you have an amazing surround sound system, because the music in the movie is just eargasmic!! The battle scenes in the movie were epic and the stunts were perfect. The story is very interesting, and I loved the fact that I got to witness Biblo Baggins' early adventures. There is a substantial amount of humour in this movie, coupled with a lot of action and a dash of suspense. The cast was just as stunning as ever and I think that Martin Freeman did a fantastic job portraying the young Bilbo Baggins. A handful of the original cast from Lord of the Rings reprised their roles, including Frodo! The locations that the movie was shot in were just jaw dropping, they define the word beautiful. I also loved the CGI in this movie. My only complaint is that I didn't get to see the dragon, Smaug. Plus I felt that this movie followed the same rhythm of Fellowship of the Ring. Some people say that the ending was abrupt, no it was not, trust me! 

This movie didn't let me down, and I think it was a great start to The Hobbit trilogy. It satisfied me as a movie lover and a Lord of the Rings fan. The production is great, you could see that a lot of work was put into it, I really recommend that you go and watch this movie even if you were not a Lord of the Rings fan, because its just a good movie, that is all. 

"Home is now behind you. The world is ahead"


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