Monday, 10 December 2012

Back to the Future Part III (1990)

When I first heard of the Back to The Future Trilogy, my first thought was "man this is going to be horrible." And that was where I was gravely mistaken. The Back to The Future Trilogy is one of the most ingenious and imaginative movies I have ever seen. The first two were outstanding, but many people have complained about the third part, like it was the black sheep of the herd or something, why?
The reason here is that the third movie was based in the Wild West  rather than in the 50's or in the future, this  disappointed the fans since the second movie ventured into the future and provided a more realistic image of it, which was a relatively new idea back in the day. And there are a couple of annoying characters in the movie, like Clara, god she just annoyed me for some reason. But nonetheless, it's still a Back to The Future movie, the comedy, the storyline, the dialogue, and the production of the movie were all fantastic. It answered a lot of questions and provided a satisfying conclusion to this amazing trilogy.
As a movie, it is a blast! But compare it to the first two, then it won't really be as good. But I highly recommend it, because I really enjoyed it and guarantee that you will enjoy it too. This is the kind of movie I'd be happy to pop into the DVD any day!  
"You're not thinking fourth dimensionally"


  1. Hey i read your blog and i wanted to know if you would do a movie review of

    ive watched this movie a while back and i liked it so much that i dont know what i think about it, so i want to see what you think about it

  2. Yeah sure i'll watch it and review it as soon as possible :D

  3. Yeah I'm kinda late, but I did review it, eventually. check it out on my Movieboozer page