Monday, 17 September 2012

1408 (2007)

This has to be one of the best horror movies I have seen in a while, not only is it a fresh new idea in my opinion, but the overall production of the movie is great! It's in the psychological horror movie genre, and let me tell you, this movie just messes up your mind and I promise that you will have a nail biting experience that will involve A LOT of goosebumps.

John Cusack in playing Mike Enslin, who writes about supernatural events, but he doesn't believe ghosts. So one day he gets a postcard from the Dolphin hotel that says "Do not enter 1408." so Mike happily accepts the challenge and convinces the hotel manager, Gerald Olin, to get him to spend the night in room 1408. Now, 1408 is a cursed room in which 56 deaths have occurred and the tenants survived for more than an hour. So everything starts off cool and quiet while Enslin is in the room, but of course that all changed when the clock started the countdown.

The thing that I liked about this movie is that it has a vintage feel to it which really adds to the fear factor, because everything just seems so sinister. Random phone calls from an operator, and of course when the clock plays "We've only just begun" as it starts counting down just freaked me out. It is that kind of horror movie where you get really paranoid while watching it. I was looking over my shoulder the whole time. The part where Mike gets hallucinations about the past tenants throwing themselves out of the window has to be one of my favorite scenes in this movie. The thing is, this movie plays with your mind, you never know if what Mike is seeing is real or just an illusion, which I really like.

I get chills all over me just by recalling a scene. Hell, I even got goosebumps just from writing this review! To sum up, you guys have to watch this movie, it is really really really worth watching, and I really hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. Ps: Thank you for making my blog reach over 300 views, I never expected that to happen in so little time, you guys are awesome :')

"I warned you about 1408"

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