Monday, 22 July 2013

Miami Vice (2006)

Miami Vice is really one of those movies that I really looked forward to watching for a long time. I bought the DVD but I kept stalling and stalling. But I forced myself to watch it today, which was....a mistake *sigh*. Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell, Miami, drug busts, and flashy sports cars. What could go wrong? Well, my hopes for a great movie crash landed and burned so badly that I could feel the heat in my insides. It ruined my day, yes it was that bad. The plot tells us the story of two Miami police detectives who go undercover as drug smugglers in order to combat drug trafficking. What sounds like a potentially good plot is in fact killed by some horrible acting, bad camerawork, and an awful romantic sub-plot.

I never watched the series from the 80's, but I'm not here to compare. Now, was this movie shot with a camcorder bought form Or a mobile camera, hmmm. It sure felt like it. Although they were using a Digital Movie Camera, which captures movies as digital images, it just failed badly in my opinion.Why didn't they just use a normal movie camera, that would've worked. The camerawork is so bad. It doesn't even feel like a proper motion picture, I honestly felt like I was watching an undercover drug bust documentary on The National Geographic Channel, seriously. Miami Vice had a budget of over 100 million Dollars, and they didn't have the decency to employ a proper cameraman?

Gong Li, the lady that portrayed Isabella, just pissed me off so badly. She was horrendous. She projects no emotion when talking. She was like a robot, just reciting what she read in the script, no emotion, no change of tone, just the same rhythm throughout the movie. It doesn't feel natural, it feels like its been recorded and she was just lip syncing. The romantic sub-plot with her and Sonny (Colin Farrell) was catastrophic. There was barely any chemistry between the two characters.

Nope, It just didn't work.

There are a few good points about the movie though. For instance the chemistry between Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell was actually pretty decent. And I really enjoyed the bittersweet ending, because I didn't see that coming. I always thought that it would be a happy ending. But seriously, Don't watch the movie. Unless you're REALLY bored. Its totally not worth wasting your time on. I was shocked, I never expected it to be that bad.

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