Sunday, 21 July 2013

Disordered (Short Film Review)

Disordered is a short 10 minute film that was featured in a competition amongst two other films in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The films were shown in the largest cinema in the country (I'm talking huge here), in which they were judged by a panel of three theater experts. The story is about a gangster who's wife was murdered, in his quest to find the killer, he starts to question reality from fantasy, hence the title: "Disordered".

I actually just got the chance to watch Disordered now, Its been like five minutes since I finished watching it. Just to get this out of the way, although my cousin is the main actor in this film, I am not letting this fact influence my opinion on the movie. Now that that's clear, let's get this show on the road shall we?

Ok so the movie starts out and I immediately get the impression that something bad is gonna happen, which is good because anticipation induces suspense, I liked that. I'll be honest, I clapped when my cousin said his first lines. It's definitely not lacking intensity, I mean throughout the 10 minutes, I actually was kinda biting my nails. The music, although a bit too loud, complemented the movie really well. The acting was convincing. The last scene in the movie was intense, and overall it was not that bad a movie actually. For a short film, the character development for the main character, Al Bash (Hassan Ahmed), wasn't detailed, but it was satisfying.

Now we move on to the negative points. I didn't like the dialogue in the movie, I felt like it was something that they just read and recited, it didn't feel natural, there wasn't much emotion. The ending, although containing a twist, disappointed me; it was very abrupt, and not in a good way. Moreover, the film did have some acting "errors" if I may say so. Like the smile in the final scene, although I would've just overlooked it, but you never know when mistakes can be repeated.

But let's not forget, this is a first time effort, and I'm impressed. The directing and editing were fantastic. I'm really happy with the outcome, I just wanna say to the team that made the movie, Bravo. I mean you did a good job. It's not easy to make a movie, trust me it's not a walk in the park. So I hope you take my points to heart, because without criticism, you can never learn.  Good luck in any future projects.

"Ain't nothing, but a thang"

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