Friday, 24 August 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

When I saw the trailer for this movie, first thing that came up to my mind was "how come Bane isn't massive?". And honestly I had doubts about the originality of all the characters, but that was when I saw the trailer only. This movie is so amazing and creative, I watched it in the cinema twice in a row, that's how good it is. I thought that Bane wouldn't stand a chance against the Joker in the previous film, but he delivered a performance that was just as good. 

I won't say anything about the story in case you haven't seen the movie yet, but I will say this, Batman met his match. Bane is physically and mentally stronger than batman, and Batman really has a hard time trying to defeat him. I have to say, Bane is one scary guy, his voice is that of a dying, old, posh Englishman, his body is that of a Soviet boxer, and his appearance is very sinister. Honestly, every time Bane shows up in a scene, I get a strange feeling of discomfort because I know that this guy is pure EVIL. I will forever praise Tom Hardy for playing this role 

Anne Hathaway was fantastic as Selina Kyle, although I liked Michelle Pfeiffer more, Anne Hathaway's performance was still exceptional! And I also loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance as John Blake, a determined, never-say-die police officer who works with commissioner Gordon to stop Bane from destroying Gotham. Morgan Freeman and Michael Cain return as Lucuis Fox and Alfred.

The thing that impressed me with this movie is the fact that it isn't action and gadgets, but rather about pushing Batman to his physical and mental limit, and it also has ALOT of twists and turns. You never know who will side with or betray Batman and you are in constant suspense all the time. I also loved how they fit in the Batplane in the movie. 

There are some negative aspects to the movie also, I hated the fact that it didn't follow the story-lines of the some of the characters from the comics, and the fact that bane isn't huge. but the positive aspects of the movie greatly overpower its negative aspects. To sum up, this movie is a thrill ride from start to end and if you haven't watched it, stop reading this and run to the cinema and WATCH IT!!!!

"Your punishment must be more severe"

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